Allowed Classes

New classes from TFE:

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The Barbarian
barbarian.pngNoble savage of the outlands and brutal warriors of the wastes. The Barbarian sees civilization as a plague amongst humanity and sorcery as the tool of demons and devils. It is his role in a world turned upside-down to restore balance through the use of muscle, cunning, and a sharp steel blade. Full details on the Barbarian class

The Draki
draki.pngA hyper-intelligent race of anthropomorphic velociraptors transplanted to fight in the war of the Great Dragons during the First Age. Now quite alone in the world, they seek to find a way back home through the recovery of artifacts lost to man following the fall of the Sorcerer Kings. Full details on the Draki class

The Marauder
Sea dogs, pirates, and privateers are just some of the names given to these terrors of the open sea. The Marauder spends his days traveling down the rivers and across the seas looking for their next victim and relishing the possible plunder from their attacks. Full details on the Marauder class

The Ooruk (Man-Ape)
ooruk.pngCreated by sorcery to fight off the demonic invasions in the Second Age of Man, these brutal warriors, who call themselves the Ooruk, remain hidden in the jungles plotting revenge. Some of the exiled Ooruk travel into the world of men, struggling to find work as mercenaries or laborers. Full details on the Ooruk class

The Sentinel
sentinel.pngFollowers of the exalted god Valerak, these warrior monks have sworn an oath to bring justice to the wastes. Armed with only a trusted blade and the clothes on their backs, they travel through areas controlled by warlords and protect those who otherwise cannot protect themselves. Full details on the Sentinel class

The Sorcerer
Practitioners of dark magic, pact makers, and wielders of the arcane. The Sorcerer is one who has traded his soul for the knowledge of the dark arts, slowly bringing his mind to the brink of madness contemplating and weaving the fabric of the universe. Full details on the Sorcerer class

The Witch
witch.pngSeducer of men and demons, the Witch gives herself to the spirits freely in exchange for great power. The Witch finds her connection to the arcane through less malevolent means, a greater connection with the spirit world and nature. The Witch is a healer and soothsayer, opposed to acts of violence and evil. Full details on the Witch class

Allowed classes from DCC Core: Thief and Warrior. Although the thief and the warrior classes could fit in any campaign setting, the above unique and interesting classes are specific to Tales From the Fallen Empire, and the Judge suggests you try one, so humor the poor bastard.

Restricted Classes:

The Cleric:
In the Tales From the Fallen Empire setting, gods and goddesses are no more than figureheads and heroes of the past age. Divine power is rare and almost non-existent amongst the people who populate the world. Those of any power who would claim to be gods are no more than powerful sorcerers, demons, devils, and elder beings from amongst the cosmos. All their collective power is arcane in nature and only presented as divine to mislead and control their followers. Witches have the ability to heal like a Cleric, but again their source of power comes from spirits and the ability to use components from nature to brew potions and create poultices. They do not channel gods. With this said, the players may meet many “Holy Men” or “High Priests” during their journeys, only to find them to be fattened nobles or crafty con-men who have duped the masses into giving to a faith that holds no water. The heroes of the Second Age, who the people refer to as “The Exalted,” have been known to perform miracles during their mortal lives, however, these men are no more…

The Dwarf, the Elf, & the Halfling:
These races simply do not exist in Tales From the Fallen Empire, or at least not in the conventional sense, and not as playable characters…

The Wizard:
This class has been replaced jointly by the Sorcerer and Witch classes unique to Tales From the Fallen Empire. If, after reading those class descriptions, you still truly wish to play a wizard, talk to the Judge.

Allowed Classes

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